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80.000 homes

The building of new homes has reached a bottleneck as a result of a shortage of building locations and an emphasis on new construction within cities; so-called urban construction. The available land and space in larger cities is becoming scarcer, as tension in the housing market there is on the rise. There are not enough locations to build the 80,000 homes that are needed annually. Let alone to catch up with the backlog that has developed over recent years.

The housing shortage in popular regions such as Amsterdam and Utrecht will only increase the coming years. Municipalities are not granting nearly enough construction permits for new housing to meet demand. This means house prices will continue to rise sharply, by an estimated 5% in 2017. That was concluded by estate agent association Dynamis in a report about the housing market that will be published on Monday. Parties from various areas recently already shared their concerns regarding the increasing housing shortage.

TK Vastgoed is introducing land in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. Promising locations that could be zoned for housing in the future.


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